Advion Mole Cricket Bait - 25 lb. Bag

Advion Mole Cricket Bait
Advion Mole Cricket Bait
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Advion Mole Cricket Bait

DuPont Advion mole cricket bait provides fast, effective control of late-stage nymph and adult mole crickets.  Even hard-to-control tawny and southern mole crickets can not resist the unique bait matrix, combined with the potent, non-repellent active ingredient indoxacarb. Advion offers turf managers a highly effective way to control even the toughest mole cricket populations - fast.

Active Ingredient: 0.6% Indoxacarb

Size: 25 lb. Bag

Target Pest: Mole crickets

For Use in and around: Lawns, Landscaped areas, Golf courses

Not for Sale to: CA, NY

  • Fast knockdown
  • Effective on hard-to-control large mole crickets
  • Spring & late summer fall applications
  • Water resistant formulation


  • Not for use on turfgrass that is being grown for seed or on commercial sod farms.
  • Not for use in nurseries and greenhouses
  • Do not allow livestock or domestic animals to consume the bait or graze in treated areas.
  • Do not apply this product through any type of irrigation system.
  • Do not exceed 200 total pounds of ADVION Mole Cricket Bait (0.44 lbs active ingredient) per acre per year.
  • Do not formulate this product into other end-use products.


Please refer to and follow the instruction on the Advion Mole Cricket Bait label.

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